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Equipping Jesus' peaceful revolution.

Light the world through relational discipleship and academic excellence.

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Welcome to Sattler College

At Sattler College, our vision is to train graduates to be a city on a hill: a shining light in greater Boston and the nations. Because the city of Boston is one of the most important global cities for world-changing movements and institutions, pursuing higher education in Boston provides students with the opportunity to train for a lifetime of impact for Jesus and His church.

We offer bachelor's degrees in biblical studies, business, computer science, history, and human biology along with a 1-year certificate in biblical and religious studies. But, more importantly, we offer an education that instructs the mind, discipleship that shapes the soul, and inspiration that inflames the heart.

Reimagine Christian Higher Education

The Politics of Jesus Revisited

What if we are called, not to side with liberals or conservatives, but to take a third way? We explore the roots of how our culture has come to normalize the mixing of politics and religion and will offer an alternative view—to focus on Christ and His kingdom, and not be sucked into political arguments or identity politics.

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Top 10 Books

Any Christian should read before college.