Sattler College offers the following five majors:
HumanBioHuman Biology
CompSciComputer Science
BiblicalStudiesBiblical and Religious Studies
The Course Catalog documents both core curriculum and elective courses, including course number, course name, credit hours, course description, and prerequisites.
A special feature of the Sattler College experience is its extensive Core Curriculum.  We believe students are more likely to flourish socially and intellectually when each entering class enjoys a common academic experience. When all students take part in a common set of courses, upper-level students will have a large body of wisdom and knowledge to share with the students following behind them. We are convinced that the most fulfilling way to learn is to teach. Our robust Core Curriculum makes such collaboration a natural part of Sattler life.
The Core Curriculum consists of courses in the following disciplines: 
Ancient Languages-2Ancient Languages

The following schedule provides the list of Core Curriculum courses.
Freshman courses:

Expository Writing and Oral Communication

History, Philosophy, Literature and Art of the Ancient World

Elementary Biblical Hebrew I

Elementary Biblical Hebrew II

The Biology of our World

The Fundamental Texts of Christianity: The Old and New Testaments


Statistics and Data Science


Sophomore courses:

History, Philosophy, Literature and Art of Medieval and Renaissance Europe

History, Philosophy, Literature and Art of the Modern Era

Elementary Biblical Greek I

Elementary Biblical Greek II



Junior courses:

Global Christianity


Senior courses:

Senior Seminar

Independent Study

Global Poverty: Its Origins and Implications for World Change

Capstone Project


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