Admissions Criteria

Sattler College enrolls first-time applicants who present clear and compelling evidence of having completed an academically rigorous program of education at the secondary level, and transfer students with comparable secondary education who have demonstrated, through enrollment in an accredited college or university, that they are capable of succeeding as students in an academically rigorous college.  All students enrolled in Sattler College are also required to demonstrate their strong commitment to the fundamental values of Sattler as a Christian college. 

Sattler College seeks applications from students who are well-schooled in pre-college or college-level mathematics and life sciences; have a broad and deep knowledge of the history of the United States and the world; have an understanding of the lives of people in societies throughout the world (especially the less developed world) through the study of literature and culture; are able to communicate fluently and effectively in written and spoken English and; demonstrate interest in studying other classical and modern languages.  Sattler seeks applications from students who have demonstrated their ability to be both disciplined and self-directed in pursuing their academic goals.

Sattler welcomes applications from students who have acquired their secondary education in a variety of settings, including traditional private and public high schools in the United States or in other countries, as well as students who have received their secondary education at home.

The College encourages applicants to present a wide array of evidence to demonstrate both their academic preparation as well as their commitment to the values of the College. Applicants are encouraged to submit traditional high school transcripts, and results of standardized tests such as the American College Test (ACT); the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), either the general SAT or SAT subject tests; or Advanced Placement Tests.  Applicants may also present more qualitative evidence of their academic accomplishments, including statements of the academic program they have followed or portfolios of work accomplished.

All applicants are required to submit a substantial essay that addresses why they are interested in the very particular, focused education that is offered by Sattler College; how their prior academic experience prepares them to succeed at Sattler; and how their decision to pursue a Christian education has influenced their choice of Sattler College.

The College welcomes inquiries from all interested applicants. College faculty and staff are readily available to consult with potential applicants.  This openness to inquiries and willingness to consult is particularly important to the application process since Sattler not only accepts but welcomes the presentation of a wide array of evidence in an equally wide array of formats.  A student applying to Sattler will not simply fill out forms, but will be asked to reflect on his or her application and present material in forms that best reflect his or her experience.

Students who have submitted applications that are determined by the College to be complete may be asked to participate in a pre-acceptance interview, one that can take place either in person in Boston or through video conferencing.

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