Options for Traditional Undergraduate Students


Incoming Students

Students who are applying for admission to Sattler College are encouraged to complete the financial aid application process as quickly as possible. To do so, students must file the Application for Financial Aid & Scholarship.

Download the application here: PDF | MS Word
Email completed form to finaid@sattlercollege.org

Once the Application for Financial Aid & Scholarship results are received by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship, staff will review the data and tailor a financial aid package for the student, taking into consideration the student's eligibility for financial assistance.

Continuing Students

Students who are anticipating returning to Sattler College for the next academic year must file the Application for Financial Aid & Scholarship by March 1st. Students who fail to meet the March 1st application deadline run the risk of losing financial aid. Continuing students who apply on time will be notified of their financial aid information starting May 1st. Students will receive notification via their Sattler College email when financial aid awards are available.

As long as the student is making satisfactory academic progress, has not had a significant change to their family financial situation over the last year, and has applied by the March 1st deadline, financial aid packages generally reflect the same levels of grant and scholarship support as in prior years. Notification of financial aid eligibility will be sent to the student via their Sattler College email account.