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The jaw-dropping trend that you’ve probably missed

I used to live a block away from a Blockbuster video store.  In 2008, I moved away to another city while that Blockbuster seemed to be doing fine.  But just two years later, the retail chain—along with thousands of other rent-a-video stores around that same time—filed for bankruptcy.

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Why aren't college students passionate about God?

“Modesty has moved from the organ of ambition. Modesty has settled upon the organ of conviction where it was never meant to be. A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about the truth: this has been exactly reversed. Nowadays the part of a man that a man does assert is exactly.

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Seek First - College or Later?

What is the goal of college?  A recent Barna study (July 2017) asked over a thousand adults this very question.  Out of ten choices, the top two goals were career advancement and money.  The bottom two were spiritual growth and character development.  Interestingly, practicing Christians provided.

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