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More Than a Paycheck: The Benefits of Work Study at Sattler

When people think of work study, they often imagine boring, mindless work that students do to earn money. A quick Google search reveals that colleges and universities most commonly offer students positions in tutoring, library, computer lab, and fitness center. Often these positions lend few.

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Dorm Life at Sattler: Comes Highly Recommended

Due to COVID restrictions, I boarded alone this past semester for the first time since coming to Sattler. While occupying my own room limited distractions, it also made me realize the richness of Sattler dorm life and how much I miss having roommates. I began to appreciate in a new way the.

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Our Hopes for 2021

We as a Sattler community look forward to the coming year and what it will bring. We took a poll among students and staff to learn what our mutual hopes and desires are for 2021. As a body, here’s what we’re hoping. 

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