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Dr. Beth Bennett

Dr. Beth Bennett
Dr. Bennett received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Shippensburg University. She then moved to the University of Maryland Baltimore where she received a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology while working in the lab of Dr. Gerald Wilson. The emphasis of her research was mRNA stability and the biophysics of RNA-protein interactions. After graduating, Beth worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Phil Cole, first at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, and then at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. There her research interests have been in epigenetic pharmacology, primarily involving acetyltransferase enzymes. Beth Zucconi was born to a family of school teachers in the foothills of the Pennsylvania mountains near the town of Shippensburg. From both of her parents she was taught a love of God, a love of the Church, and the joys of learning new things. From a father of Italian-American heritage came an appreciation for travel, good stories, pasta, and other intriguing foods. From a Swiss-German mother came a love of order, attention to detail, and hearty work. This blend of attributes coalesced merrily in the academic world, where each became useful in crafting a life far different than practiced in the Cumberland Valley. In 2017, Beth married David Bennett III. They live together in the city of Boston with their toddler son.

Life and Careers With a Human Biology Degree

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