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My Experience at an Admitted Students' Weekend and Why You Should Attend One

My first Boston experience came in April 2018 at Sattler’s first Preview Days event (then known as Admitted Students Weekend or ASW). Prefacing the visit was a phone interview with Zack Johnson—then Sattler’s Director of Operations—and dozens of Google searches scraping together information on.

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More Than a Paycheck: The Benefits of Work Study at Sattler

When people think of work study, they often imagine boring, mindless work that students do to earn money. A quick Google search reveals that colleges and universities most commonly offer students positions in tutoring, library, computer lab, and fitness center. Often these positions lend few.

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The Value of a Business Major at Sattler College

Are you one of those people who gets annoyed at the thought of a businessman? When many people think of business, they picture a well-dressed middle-aged man strolling down Wall Street in constant pursuit of the next deal, caring only about profit. Sadly, the greed and corporate fraud often enacted.

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