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3 Reasons Sattler Excels in Academics

Even though I had a good high school education, transitioning from high school to college was an intense jump for me because of Sattler’s high academic standards. Thankfully, Sattler has made learning enjoyable and well worth the effort I put into it.

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Dorm Life at Sattler: Comes Highly Recommended

Due to COVID restrictions, I boarded alone this past semester for the first time since coming to Sattler. While occupying my own room limited distractions, it also made me realize the richness of Sattler dorm life and how much I miss having roommates. I began to appreciate in a new way the.

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Jesus Prepared. So Should You.

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Are You a First Generation College Student? 4 Tips for Success

(Do first generation college students have inherent advantages or disadvantages when it comes to academic success? According to a study from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), first generation college students were less likely to graduate with a bachelor’s degree than their peers.

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Surrender: The Paradox to a Fulfilling Life

In the coming months, we will occasionally feature student reflections on books they've read in class or other aspects of their life and studies.  In the following essay, Matthew Baugher explores surrender through the writings of  medieval authors Erasmus and Augustine..

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