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5 Benefits of Attending a Small College

My journey as a Sattler student began in the fall of 2018 as the twenty-one other students of the inaugural class and I traveled on a bus to Toah Nipi, New Hampshire. During our two-day retreat, I canoed with faculty, shared meals with future professors, and participated in fun activities with my.

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How to Pay for College

Does the cost of college feel overwhelming? National research shows that about 60% of 2019 bachelor’s degree graduates left college with debt, on average almost $29,000. Sattler College lists cost among its three core values, stating, “We are committed to making education affordable and.

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Consider These 3 Things When Choosing a Major

As a senior in high school, two questions gave me constant anxiety: “In which institution should I continue my education?” and “What should I major in?” In a school of about twelve hundred students, many of my friends had answers to these questions by junior year and were confidently striding.

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