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Finny Kuruvilla, MD PHD, gives an updated assessment of Covid-19 on April 2, 2020 with five concise conclusions



  1. We need to truly drop the hammer on this disease by complying with the government's recommendations. Short-term pain is long-term gain for both lives and the economy.
  2. As a society, we need to take this seriously to rapidly overcome this. Christians should take their cue from biblical and historic precedent and be cutting edge with concepts like social distancing.
  3. Masks should be implemented to drop the transmission rate.
  4. Social distancing does not mean social disengagement. Use this as an opportunity to get closer to people, starting at home. To those outside your home, write letters, do video calls, and reach out!
  5. Let's think about root causes (particularly with the supply chain) and try to build a movement. Otherwise, there will be another serious epidemic in a few years.

Watch the video to see the insight and data behind these conclusions.

Sattler College