Corrections Regarding Recent Media Coverage

On December 25, 2017, the Boston Globe released a feature in their print edition titled “Lower-cost college set to open in Boston” which appeared online as “New college for conservative Christians planned in Boston”. This article has propagated around the media to sites such as Fox News and the.

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Why learn biblical Greek and Hebrew?

Watch the video below to find out why Sattler raised the bar for college students to handle the word of truth.

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Why is College so Expensive?

According to the College Board's analysis of Trends in College Pricing 2016, the average estimated full-time undergraduate budget for a private, nonprofit four-year residential experience was $49,320. This budget includes tuition and fees ($33,480), room and board ($11,890), books and supplies.

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Full Scholarship and Michael Sattler

Sattler College is awarding fully paid tuition for the first year of accepted applicants entering in the Fall of 2018. Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the first class of accepted applicants receive full funding for the 1st year! Apply here.

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Is early decision right for you?

As the fall colors fade from the neighborhood trees and with Thanksgiving around the corner, Sattler is beginning to receive early decision applications from motivated prospects! Yet the question looms for those still deciding whether to apply for early or regular decision. What is the difference?

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Color Vision of a Conscientious Objector

The picture above captures me frantically running around during basic training at the Air Force Academy (Summer 2010). I had heard that it was said, “war is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things.” I also believed in the Bible, but it seemed to be lacking color.

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Christian college or secular college?

How many Christian parents would send their children to a Buddhist college? A Hindu ashram? A Muslim university? And yet, Christian parents often send their children to a secular college, thinking that these places are not religious institutions. While these parents would never dream of sending.

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The View from 100 Cambridge Street

We are pleased to announce Sattler College’s campus location! The future students will gaze out from the 17th floor of the Saltonstall Building in the heart of Boston overlooking the city, the Charles river, and beyond.  

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Is it godly for Christians to have power and influence?

In Priene, an ancient Greek city located in Western Turkey, archaeologists found two stones in the town marketplace. The inscribed stones, dated 9 BC, commemorate the reign of Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor and heir to Julius Caesar, with the following words:

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The Iron Law of Education

In the gospels, what are the two most common titles of address for Jesus?  A common guess is “Savior” and “Lord,” but the correct answer is “Lord” and “Teacher.”  Jesus is called “Teacher” over thirty times in the gospels.  In fact, it’s often used in contexts that are somewhat surprising.  When.

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