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3 Reasons Sattler Excels in Academics

Even though I had a good high school education, transitioning from high school to college was an intense jump for me because of Sattler’s high academic standards. Thankfully, Sattler has made learning enjoyable and well worth the effort I put into it.

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5 Benefits of Attending a Small College

My journey as a Sattler student began in the fall of 2018 as the twenty-one other students of the inaugural class and I traveled on a bus to Toah Nipi, New Hampshire. During our two-day retreat, I canoed with faculty, shared meals with future professors, and participated in fun activities with my.

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Dr. Will Oliver, the Businessman Who Said Never

“Anything but business and education.” 

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My Experience at an Admitted Students' Weekend and Why You Should Attend One

My first Boston experience came in April 2018 at Sattler’s first Preview Days event (then known as Admitted Students Weekend or ASW). Prefacing the visit was a phone interview with Zack Johnson—then Sattler’s Director of Operations—and dozens of Google searches scraping together information on.

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How to Pay for College

Does the cost of college feel overwhelming? National research shows that about 60% of 2019 bachelor’s degree graduates left college with debt, on average almost $29,000. Sattler College lists cost among its three core values, stating, “We are committed to making education affordable and.

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So I Submitted my College Application: What Next?

The waiting game can be tough, but you don’t need to sit around and twiddle your thumbs. While you wait to hear back from the Sattler admissions team, here are a few steps you can take to make the rest of the application process go smoothly.

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More Than a Paycheck: The Benefits of Work Study at Sattler

When people think of work study, they often imagine boring, mindless work that students do to earn money. A quick Google search reveals that colleges and universities most commonly offer students positions in tutoring, library, computer lab, and fitness center. Often these positions lend few.

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Dorm Life at Sattler: Comes Highly Recommended

Due to COVID restrictions, I boarded alone this past semester for the first time since coming to Sattler. While occupying my own room limited distractions, it also made me realize the richness of Sattler dorm life and how much I miss having roommates. I began to appreciate in a new way the.

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Our Hopes for 2021

We as a Sattler community look forward to the coming year and what it will bring. We took a poll among students and staff to learn what our mutual hopes and desires are for 2021. As a body, here’s what we’re hoping. 

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The Biblical Certificate Option: What It Is and Why We Like It

Sattler’s Biblical Certificate Option offers nine months of Biblical studies along with the relational discipleship and academic excellence that is part of every Sattler student’s experience. For this post, we interviewed a number of current Biblical certificate students to get their perspective on.

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