BiblicalStudiesNine months of relational discipleship and academic excellence that will deepen your understanding of God’s word and its application in your life, the church, and the world.

The one-year (27 credit hour) Certificate in Biblical Studies is designed for Christians who seek a knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments to be equipped for kingdom work in their local churches and beyond. Students study the Bible, learn about the basic themes, issues, and schools-of-thought in Christian theology, study New Testament Greek, and develop the tools to integrate biblical knowledge with contemporary world issues and events. Students can choose an elective to customize their programs. Course content has practical application in work, church, and personal settings. In addition to course content, students will participate in Sattler’s small group discipleship program, known as Journey Groups.

Learning Outcomes

The student will

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of biblical content
  2. Explain key doctrines of the Bible in basic terms
  3. Properly interpret and apply the Bible
  4. Evidence foundational knowledge of New Testament Greek
  5. Grow in Christian discipleship and practice
  6. Learn evangelism in a diverse, multicultural society
  7. Communicate effectively both in writing and orally

Certificate Details

  • Certificate Courses
    • Fundamental Texts of Christianity
    • Christian Doctrines
    • Apologetics
    • Evangelism
    • Expository Writing and Oral Communication
    • Elementary Biblical Greek I & II 
    • Elective Course (choose 1):
      • Islam
      • Peacemaking
  • Participate in relational discipleship through Journey Groups
  • Share the same housing accommodations as the undergraduate program
  • Join campus activities and student clubs

Please see the current Catalog for full details on course offerings and program requirements.

Degree Completion Program

Students who successfully complete the one-year Certificate in Biblical and Religious Studies at Sattler may elect to transfer into the BA in Biblical and Religious Studies and complete their degree in three years.

How to Apply

Application requirements are the same as the 4 year bachelor's degree

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