Raymond Burkholder

Raymond & Naomi Burkholder are presently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and serving the Lord with IGo Ministries. Raymond’s primary role is to serve as director of the Macedonian Teaching Ministry. Raymond & Naomi also lead ministry teaching teams as MTM conducts pastoral leadership conferences in many different countries. Raymond also teaches one three week term each year at the IGo Bible Institute.

Learn from Raymond's lifetime of experience in missions and church building.

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What: Sattler Talk - Raymond Burkholder
When: Thur, March 26, 7:00pm
Where: Sattler College, 17th floor of 100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114

Sattler College is committed to providing our students a world-class education firmly rooted in the historic Christian faith. This includes exposing them to cutting-edge ideas and public issues of great importance in order to prepare them to navigate these issues in the real world to make the greatest impact for Jesus’ kingdom. To accomplish this, Sattler will from time to time engage outside speakers – experts and thought leaders in their respective fields – to engage in dialogue with our students.

We do this because we understand that, sometimes, while those with the greatest knowledge or expertise in a subject may or may not share our faith commitments, they can still offer valuable perspectives that can benefit our students. Having a speaker on campus is not an endorsement of his views or opinions and by no means signals agreement or alignment with the speaker in general or on any specific issue addressed. Should a speaker ever espouse views or opinions in direct contradiction to our stated Founding Precepts, we would of course address this with our students in an appropriate venue.

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