Job Description

Sattler College seeks a full-time administrative assistant. We are a new college with a vision to revolutionize Christian higher education. This role includes sitting at our reception desk, answering the telephone, managing incoming inquiries, and creating a warm first impression of Sattler College for our students, staff, and visitors. The candidate for this role should be extremely passionate for the vision of Sattler College.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Greeting, orienting, and serving students
  • Demonstrating strong and friendly communication skills (written, phone, in-person)
  • Passion for and alignment with the Sattler mission and values and ability to express that to students with professionalism and modesty
  • Dependable, detail oriented, punctual, and presentable
  • Managing and executing corporate projects
  • Managing needs, supplies, and vendors for the office, conference rooms, and kitchen
  • Managing travel, calendars (our system is Google calendar), and mail for key personnel and the institution
  • Event planning
  • Managing travel and calendars for several faculty and administrators
  • Available in the office 8:30-5:00 daily, possibly longer on occasion
  • Maintain strict confidentiality with student and college records


Job Location

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Required documents include:

  • Current resume of experience, formal education/training and qualifications.


Application Instructions

Submit all required documents to:


Immigration Requirements:

  • A citizen or national of the United States;
  • An alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States; or
  • An alien authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to work in the United States.

All new employees are required to complete and sign a verification form and provide documentation attesting that he/she is a United States citizen, national, or an alien lawfully authorized to work in the United States.