Job Description

Sattler College seeks a full-time instructor in expository writing and the humanities to begin in the fall of 2018. As an institution, we lay stress on excellent communication rooted in clear thinking. Expository writing is a foundational class taken by all students during their first semester. We are looking for a faculty member who knows how to inspire and instruct students to write well. We want our students challenged and pushed by the kind of instructor that delivers consistent, tough, yet constructive criticism.

Our core curriculum is classically oriented. Besides expository writing, faculty members should ideally be able to teach the history and literature of the ancient world.

Candidates should have completed a master's or preferably a doctoral degree in English, history, or another discipline in the humanities. This is a full-time role and commences in the fall of 2018.

Finally, we especially seek faculty that can support the founding precepts of the College, harmonious with the beliefs of the historic Christian faith, listed on our webpage:

The faculty member’s primary duty will be the instruction of assigned classes under the supervision of the Dean or direct supervisor. In addition to teaching responsibilities, the instructor must have the flexibility to be available for secondary duties and roles associated with College operations and growth and be committed to professional development. Since Sattler will often implement the inverted classroom, we are looking for an instructor that is willing to break traditional molds. The instructor will also emphasize and teach soft skills during time spent in the classroom. The faculty member must abide by and support policies set forth by Sattler College and must be committed to the College’s goals and objectives.

Job Location

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Immigration Requirements:

  • A citizen or national of the United States;
  • An alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States; or
  • An alien authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to work in the United States.

All new employees are required to complete and sign a verification form and provide documentation attesting that he/she is a United States citizen, national, or an alien lawfully authorized to work in the United States.

Complete and submit this form to apply