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The Politics of Jesus Revisited

How Should Christians Interact with a Highly Politicized World?

The state of the world and of American politics today has many Christians lost. The popular notion is that the solution to issues of morality is to enter into the political drama and work to change what is broken, bringing Jesus into culture and politics. 

What if we are called, not to side with liberals or conservatives, but to take a third way? This resource will explore the roots of how our culture has come to normalize the mixing of politics and religion and will offer an alternative view—to focus on Christ and His kingdom, and not be sucked into political arguments or identity politics.

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What You'll Learn in the eBook

As a Christian, you may have several questions when it comes to politics. Our guide answers the most common questions Christians have about politics and the Christian life.

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  • How involved should Christians be in politics, if at all?

  • Can politics and faith mix?

  • What did the early Christians think about politics?

  • Is there biblical basis for political involvement?


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